April 20, 2017 – Contract is signed and emailed. I AM MRS. JESSE JAMES, is officially contracted for publication with Amphorae Publishing Group’s Blank Slate Press imprint. The book is tentatively scheduled for release in fall, 2018.  I’m thrilled and excited and counting the days!

April 15, 2017 – I received an email from the Acquisitions Editor. They are interested in publishing MRS. JESSE JAMES. I wasted no time in responding. Doing the happy dance here and waiting for the contract to arrive!

March 7, 2017 – My novel has passed the first hurdle and is being read by others at the publishing house. Hooray! A request for more information including an updated bio, marketing plan, log line, and short book blurb were requested. Luckily, I only need to update the information, send it, and cross my fingers again.

September 16, 2016 – After several years (yes, years!) of considering an idea, researching it, and putting words on paper, I hired an editor to take a look at my manuscript. After reviewing her suggestions, I revised and polished, creating a book that I hope a publisher will like. Today I emailed my manuscript telling the story of Mrs. Jesse James and crossed my fingers. Here’s hoping the publisher I chose has as much faith in this story as I do.  My takeaway so far from this experience? There’s nothing easy about publishing a novel (or any other type of book for that matter).