I’ve been posting on Critter Alley at Blogspot for years. It’s a familiar format for me, and one that I’ve grown quite comfortable using. So after getting comfortable with Blogspot, why would any sane, normal individual decide to try something new?

That, my friend, is a good question. Here I am now, feeling like I jumped in a time machine while blindfolded to land in a different century where everyone else speaks a foreign language.  Huh?

Please bear with me. I’m doing my best to learn¬†Wordpress. And even though Critter Alley’s location and title have changed, the focus hasn’t. All posts will be similar content to those that appeared on Critter Alley; featuring Winston the Peek-a-poo puppy, Bogey a very cool cat, critter-related topics, books, and writing. Since I don’t know how to migrate years of prior posts, if you’d like to take a look at our history, check out this link:


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Won’t you please considering visiting us from time to time in this strange new world?

We won't be hiding a thing!

We won’t be hiding a thing!

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